How fear can freeze you..

I started to write this blog many months ago. I was excited, received good feedback from friends and family and was really into it.
However, after a few posts, I started to think about others’ opinion. Whether they’d like it or not. Would I be approved? Would anybody be interested in what I have to share?
The bottom line was that all these worries started to pull me down into a black hole of negativity, fear and insecurity. All this led to anger, frustration, sadness.
I still sticked to live my present moment, trying to stay happy regardless what I was going through. Yet, no confidence to write.
I stopped all my projects, some of them I kept posting here and there. But all this time, I still dealt with insecurity.
Throughout my journey, a good friend who helped me in a hard moment shared a book called “feel fear and do it anyway”. I read it about three months ago, and now is the moment when I finally realize that the more I wait and procrastinate into doing what I want to, the more fear will bring you down.
Even if you fall, you must try. Stand up again and do it.
In fear there’s only darkness, negativity, anger, frustration, insecurity. There cannot be light without darkness, one needs the other. However, it is up to each one of us to understand that you must be in a dark room and let the light come in to understand what the light is about. So we should not deny that part of us, just accept it and go through it looking for the light. Once the light comes in, all the darkness disapears.
My lesson from my experience with fear, is that sometimes we just have to wait and keep the arms open. Let it be and do not allow yourself to be sucked by it. Instead, work towards the light and remain positive.
I was not expecting to write this today, the time came without me looking for it anymore.



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