Day 2 of my yoga journal

Buddha says: 
“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth:
(1) not going all the way; and
(2) not starting.”

Yesterday was long, very long but interesting day. It all started early when I got to my sadhana group and meditated. Despite my concentration was not very sharp, I was tired and not in a good mood, the energy and power of the group lifted my energy levels up. The rest of my day was powerful.
Daniel, who guided the sadhana, mentioned at the end about the power of “walk the talk” and being true to yourself and beliefs. I realized that many times I’m not true, I don’t follow what I preach and I cheat. Even myself I find giving up and being extremely negative. Pretty much is where I’m at now. That’s why I chose Buddha’s quote to begin my journaling of my second day.
We must accept we are humans, we fall, we go down wrong roads, we fail.. But what makes us better is to get back on our feet and start again.
I ended up teaching 3 classes of Bikram yoga yesterday. It’s a lot. Pretty much, I was sweating for 4 hours and a half in a hot room talking the whole time. I have done this many times before. However, this taught me a lesson. First class I was a bit tired, only had about 15 student. Second class, I was more energetic and there were about 25 students. The evening and third class was packed and hot, 43 students! Yet, I was energetic and kept the rhythm of the class going. And despite it was super hot, the energy flowed and they did their best. I had one student that left.. I was going to take it personal, but then let go of that idea and didn’t allow it to bring me down. It would not be fair for the rest of the people giving it all during their practice.
I ended class with a long guided relaxation savasana, mentioning how important it is to acknowledge your hard work and effort. About being the ones who bring ourselves higher, about loving ourselves.
This is what I learned, that our mind attracts what we think. When we truly want something, we must not be afraid of asking for it to the universe. Wanting it so bad that it will happen. We also need to start somewhere, and once we start, not give up. Just like Buddha’s quote says. That’s the key to your truth. Believe! Believe you can and you will!
My yoga yesterday was not physical, as I had my day busy. I should have squeeze in a sun salutation, little home practice or something. Though I didn’t. However, my yoga was the lesson of the day. Teaching, observing and learning.
Today I start my day by deciding to get back to a routine of doing sun salutation, squats and planks. Today I’ll do a little bit and will start increasing every day. Hopefully, it will help me to start again everything I want to do as I used to before I left for my teaching adventure around the world. I’m sure that with what I know now, the results will be better.
I end with yet another quote, this time of the Dalai Lama:
“It is felt that a disciplined mind leads to happiness and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering, and in fact it is said that bringing about discipline within one’s mind is the essence of the Buddha’s teaching”

Namaste 🙏



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