Cooking as meditation

It’s very easy to feel like “doing something” when I go to a specific place and do a specific thing. For example, go to a yoga studio and practice, or to a gym and train, or to a church and pray. However, when life gets crazy, money gets tight, priorities change, etc and I stop going to such places then came the feeling of “not doing anything”.

However, I have neglected something where I dedicate myself a lot: cooking. I respect food and nourishing properly. I honor mother nature by properly handling her gifts as natural as possible. I do my best efforts to cook from scratch. Every little thing I do in the kitchen is with love. I aim to focus on what I’m doing and leave other thoughts outside. So I come to realize that when I cook, I meditate.

What matters is how I start to acknowledge what I do, instead of paying attention on what I don’t. It feels like this motivation to write has helped me to start internalizing more the lessons that lie within. They slowly start coming to surface, and I’m grateful.


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