Are we supposed to restrain ourselves?

There is this common point of view that relates freedom to saying and/or doing whatever is felt like.

I don’t think that is the real meaning of freedom. In my humble opinion, in order to exercise freedom one must be responsible and conscious.

I see so many people acting “free” yet being so oppressed by the system, themselves, their relatives, their jobs, their aspirations… The list can go on and on.

I won’t be sharing much today about the eight limbs of Yoga as described by the Sage Patanjali centuries ago. It will actually take me several days to do so. However, all I can say is that the first limb is curiously about restraints.

These are ethical standards that should be practiced even before setting a toe on a yoga mat. To be honest, it can take way longer than expected to understand how these restraints can be applied in one’s life. For example, one is not supposed to be violent.

Then, if one applies that “freedom” to say whatever is pleased, it might be sensed as a violent statement to someone else. Tricky, right?

So maybe applying some conscious restraints might not be a bad idea after all?


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