Being grateful & content

Expectations can disappoint in many ways. Particularly when one is expecting more, or less, than what one gets. Combined with expectations comes comparison, which together can be like a lethal weapon to the mind. Why? Because after expectations are not met comes disappointment and feeling down, which is the timing when comparison just hits to the core. Every human’s life experiences are unique, just like DNA. Then each one of us should stop comparing with others and expecting life to happen in a specific way.

One cannot change the way others live their lives, and much less expect them to be in an expected manner. There are different languages of love, affection, support, and each person has their own code. Perhaps this is why there are so many misunderstandings in this world. But if instead of feeling in a certain way due to someone’s attitude one just accepts that’s the way they are, one could just be grateful.

There is a blessing and a shift of attitude when growing gratefulness. Starting with the little things of who one is and what one has. Always focusing on what is instead of what is not. It’s like falling in love with what one has, starting with life itself. And that gratefulness then expands. Throughout the process of being grateful, contentment simultaneously grows too.

Because it’s even liberating to accept what is and say thank you. And being content becomes a different perspective of living life, instead of living with expectations.


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