Uninterested Work

It’s hard to get back into a habit yet so easy to step out of it. After a gap week full of excitement, emotions, activities, and also relaxation, I realized how easy it was to stop writing again. Looking for inspiration to get the fire lit again I came to the exact text I needed. It was about karma yoga.

Clearly misinterpreted many times, karma yoga is about one’s duty on earth. It’s supposed to be performed disregarding the outcome or whether one gets something in return or not. It’s uninterested because it’s performed for a purpose higher than this earthly plane.

These modern times are demanding. Consumption is part of survival in the metropolitan city life. Everything has a price, so everyone needs to produce somehow. Lack of support or any kind of feedback makes it very easy to quit one’s life purpose. But what I learn from the texts I read is that it should not be quitted because it’s uninterested. No matter the outcome it should be done. It’s for the supreme, not the mundane.

That should be the superior motivation to act, to work, to follow one’s path. Either if it’s being ignored, rejected or applauded. Work from the heart is supposed to be uninterested. I visited these waterfalls on Sunday and it was magical. This is an example of uninterested work. The waterfalls are intended to be the way they are, they don’t flow water with such strength waiting something in return. They just are.



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