Emotions are meant to be felt. Our voice is meant for speaking out. We are individuals meant to have a mind of our own. We are all capable to act. However, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, we are also supposed to know how and when to restrain ourselves. In the end it’s all about finding balance.

There must be tolerance, patience and a lot of use of the best natural medicine: the breath. But I do believe that somehow we must feel instead of bottling up emotions and fighting with ghosts in our own heads. Sometimes I bottle up my emotions against my unconsidered upstairs neighbor, the author of the cooking book I use as reference to bake gluten free goodies and so on. I notice that I create fictional scenarios in my own head where I confront and fight with them. I make up all these dialogues, and of course they never happen. It’s like ghosts in my head having an argument. But I can feel angry or upset, let it out in a different way and it shall pass. Today, I had a morning where I tried following not one, but two, recipes from this cooking book and both went disastrous but fixable. I got upset against this author and started saying out loud why I hated this book so much, yet I also depend on it because I’ve used so many other books and this one seems to be better than the others even though it has a lot of flaws.. My food felt it, I felt it, even my husband felt it. But all that cooking was like a therapy of anger releasing. Later, we went out for a long walk to the woods. Connecting with nature, breathing and being in peace made it all go away.

We are energetic beings, our body has several energetic layers, we have energetic spheres within us. We are all but energy. We can feel something, but in order to allow the energy to move, we must let go of it as well. If we bottle something up, is like a dam with stagnated water. It must flow. Every person must figure out a way of releasing, speaking out, breathing and letting go.

There must be alignment within us so we start attracting alignment into our lives. If we keep having fights with ghosts in our heads, there will be fights with our outer world.

This image I’m sharing today explains about the seven spheres of energy within us, called chakras. Each rules different aspects and emotions. And in order to have a balanced life they are supposed to be aligned. I have a board in my Pinterest about chakra balance. There’s SO much that is said about how to tune, align, balance, recharge the chakras. Today I have come to understand is that trying so hard to balance them has been blocking the flow necessary for the alignment to take place. Sometimes it’s so hard to accept that things as they are is just how they are supposed to be.


I leave this image that has been with me for about four years and a half. I’m getting closer to finally write about them from my own learning experience. It’s an alignment taking place.


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  1. Ushnish The Crown 👑 · January 21, 2018

    Nice knowledge 😍

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