Appreciating the small things

Life is about being content with life itself. Appreciating the small things and being grateful. The fact of being alive, having the 5 senses working, the ability to walk, and being whole, is already a lot to be grateful for. In fact, beyond that are even smaller things. Having a soul and acknowledging it, breathing consciously and valuing its crucial role as life force. Honoring the water as part of being human. All the small things that are taken for granted.

I walk through town and I see people in cars sipping caffeine and sugar, looking at their devices, being rushed to get somewhere. This people are living in anxiety about so many things they can’t control. It gives me a feeling that they believe that they are now super humans, when they are the same living creature and specie that has lived on earth for at least twenty five centuries. They still are water and flesh, and they need air to survive. Each life is still so fragile.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about all that I want to accomplish, achieve and get done. Figuring out how I’m going to cope with producing. Even though I know that life is simple, I was born in these times.

What I come to understand is that sometimes obsessing about big pictures and the future is actually stealing the magic and the beauty of appreciating what is always there: life itself and being here right now.

Just living is enough, it’s a successful endeavor. Even though these times rush everyone, the small things are what make the difference and count. No matter what’s going on in the outer world, and what or who is trying to control everything. Life itself is a gift, growing life within me is a gift of love and a mean of honoring life. Just being grateful for it and doing the best one can everyday for living, breathing, nourishing and feeling. Such change of perspective can change the whole way one perceives reality and how to be grateful and appreciate what we have before it’s lost.

Just like this flower is at bloom today and it has to be cherished and appreciated at this moment!



  1. yogafivefifty · January 20, 2018

    Excellent reminder! We need to remind ourselves that regardless of all that we want to produce, we only have this one life to actually live and the small things make up a big part of the whole. Thanks for this post!

    • fabilous · January 20, 2018

      Thanks for your comment! This is a reminder we should tell ourselves as much as we can. Particularly when frustration wants to pay a visit. Every second, every breath counts and makes this one life a gift to be grateful just for what it is.

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