Developing the habit of relaxing

Only if we knew how important it is to relax. Our sympathetic and parasympathegic systems need us to do our part and relax so they can function properly.

Relaxation is more than the created concept of being in a harmonious place, a beach, a spa, somewhere remote. Such necessities were created by those who sell them. Truth is relaxing is a must no matter the circumstance, the place, or the environment.

One needs to relax to properly sleep, function, and be healthy.

The best way to start is by developing the habit of doing it. How? It’s good before falling asleep at night. Releasing those devices at least 5-10 minutes before passing out. Focusing on the breath and scanning the body. Gently imagining and feeling how the body relaxes from toes, knees, hips, belly, ribs, chest, shoulders, neck, head, and face. Breathing deeply and consciously.

Relaxation is necessary, one needs it when less expected.

So just like brushing one’s teeth, face and so on before bed, practicing relaxation is also important. When better to start than now?

My turn to practice…


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