Living in truth

Truth with oneself, honesty. That’s the first step towards being true with others. However, how hard can it be. We live in a world  nowadays governed by being “liked”, exposing ourselves to the social media. But the essence of being human is and will always be the same, regardless of the times we live in.

It’s only one’s choice to take a look inside and see what is in there. It may take some time to embrace all of that. Particularly when what’s seen inside is so different to what is popular. But bear in mind that each individual is unique, just like a fingerprint. So, what’s the deal with obsessing in being part of a herd? A herd is only created because someone wants to lead it in order to raise it, feed it, grow it, and either sell it to the slaughterhouse or kill it and eat it. Believe me, unfortunately I have a family background of cattle farmers – I know. We are human beings, not animals!

It’s only through truth with oneself that self love can be achieved. Only then one can open up to everybody else’s love. With this truth comes inner peace.


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