Giving second chances

It’s extremely common to have a bad first impression on someone. And sometimes the opposite happens, a good first impression. Both scenarios can be a good thing or a bad thing. On the side of a bad first impression, is the bad taste and being predisposed in the next encounter with all this bottled up frustration. On the other hand, a good first impression can lead to being more open with this person who might not be as trustworthy or good as it seems like.

This is why holding on to these first impressions, whether bad or good, can be misleading and create more stress than necessary. Which is why practicing detachment is a good exercise. That action of choosing to let go of expectations and leaving it in the hands of the universe to unfold itself and show the lessons and signs that one needs.

Today I learned this lesson and the good thing that can be practicing detachment and allowing second chances to unfold how they’re supposed to. Paying attention to the signs, this lesson came to me today with a person who made a bad first impression whose name was the same as another person who made a good first impression. My experience with the first good impression lead to a very stressful and disappointing experience couple of months ago, which made me feel a little bad about myself for trusting a stranger who turned out to be a very toxic person. Today, after my first bad impression with this new person I did feel frustrated. But I chose to let it go, in a way detaching from it. This upcoming eclipse might be affecting communications today a lot. I really hoped not to see this person again today, but then it was meant to happen. As I was not holding on to any grudge, even though I felt a bit uncomfortable at first, I focused on breathing and being respectful. The bottom of the story is that such second chance showed me another side of this person who actually even taught me some history I was very interested in learning about.

This experience is a good way to learn that second chances do matter, and also to understand that not everyone gets that opportunity. Letting go a grudges or blames is an act of setting whatever it is free, and setting ourselves free.

Just like sometimes a recipe doesn’t come out just right, or a yoga practice felt bad. It’s like the saying of when you fall off a horse you got to ride it back again. Detachment and giving a second chance is the lesson to move on and be free.


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  1. yogafivefifty · January 30, 2018

    Well said!

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