Lunar Eclipse

Look at this bright moon! 2018 started with a month blessed with two beautiful and powerful full moons. This is why this full moon today is called blue moon, because it’s the second one in the same month.

Additionally, this moon is being eclipsed and will change its color to red. A red full moon, wow! If this is what’s going on with the moon during the same night, just imagining how these energies are affecting everything is overwhelming.

Full moons are meant to harvest, reap, receive. So it’s time to open the heart and arms in order to receive what one is getting. Be it a lesson, something material, life, someone, even just the opportunity of staring at the moon. This one is powerful, way more than a normal full moon.

Repeating the affirmation “I deserve” may be a way of just accepting whatever is coming and embracing it.

I feel it’s a moment to let go of anything, any impediment or blockage. It’s time to release and to be open to receive without judgments.



  1. Maribel alvarez · January 31, 2018

    Great blog!

    • Maribel alvarez · January 31, 2018

      Now I undestand a lot of things

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