The power of green

If there is something I have been very into and sometimes out of, but then I always rebound back into, there is green smoothies and juices.

The benefits of blending together a big amount of dark green leaves with fruit and some other ingredients are so many. To start with antioxidants and minerals like iron. We should have a high intake of greens daily if we want to get all the benefits and nutrients. However it can be hard to. Particularly because once we cook these leaves they start lacking some of them.

Then a very convenient way to consume it is through a smoothie. Adding fruit always makes it more tolerable and their blend taste very well. People are so many times intimidated by the bright and beautiful green color, only if they knew it’s an acquired taste.

For me personally it feels like such a boost of energy when I drink it. And I must say that there’s a difference between the times in my life where I drink it regularly and those when I stopped. In some countries the greens need to be cooked because when left raw they don’t have a good consistency, which to me was an impediment sometimes.

This recipe yields about four 8oz glasses. You can drink as much as you want, I normally share it just with my husband and each of us drinks about 16oz.

To prepare you need a blender, that’s all. I’m sharing this one I’ve been making recently, but variations are many. There’s always more ingredients that can be added.

Green smoothie

1 orange

2 cups raw and washed spinach

2 bananas

2 cups of water

Juice of 1 lemon

1 inch of peeled ginger

Start by peeling the orange, then place in blender and blend until it becomes a pureed juice.

Add water and spinach, then blend again.

Add lemon juice and bananas, blend again.

Finally once it’s all blended together add ginger. If you don’t like the spicy taste of ginger, don’t add it.

Once again blend, this time at the highest speed at least for 30-45 seconds.

Et voilà, drink up your Popeye drink and feel the power.

Any time of the day is a good time. I used to be very strict about drinking it in the morning until I stopped drinking it because my schedule was not convenient for me to make it in the morning. So I chose to get back to it at any time I can prepare it, and it still feels great.

Go ahead and try the power of the green!



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