The mute scream that nobody listens to

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body as a natural response to fight stress. The problem lies that we continue to stress and never make an effort to control it, so there’s all this extra amount of cortisol in our bodies that ends up making us sick.

So many things can generate stress nowadays that seems like living with all this extra cortisol is considered “normal”. Well it’s not.

There are so many things going on in this world we don’t even have an idea about. I don’t even know where to start. Media rules over our knowledge of what happens, highlighting only what they want to show (or what they’re paid to show). Food industry poisoning people and paying big bucks to keep having all these chemicals and fake ingredients that make their food as addictive as drugs so they can make a lot of profit. Teenagers shooting and killing other teenagers. Countries at war. A narco-communism that is starving its population to death while the rest of the world pretends they don’t know so they can buy cheap oil. Communities without water sources. People destroying their own forests because of money. Animals being extinct. Coral reefs disappearing. Islands at risk of sinking.

And no matter how many people are conscious about this and try to gather together to do something, evil keeps ruling and winning over and over again. And this is frustrating.

After I was explained by a member of the Ohana about the feeling of the “mute scream”, the origin of my frustration was detected. It’s as if i/we are yelling to the top of our lungs and yet nobody listens. It’s either the scream is mute or they are deaf. Or both.

The truth is that we are humans and live in a human body that functions in some specific and perfect way. If we have too much cortisol, we’ll suffer the consequences sooner or later. And I’m being very specific about stress today. There are so many other hormones and body systems affected by this lifestyle, but it’s out of the topic today.

How can we work personally and individually in lowering our stress levels and having a balance? There are three forces described in the earth, the destroyer, the creator and the preserver. They all have a purpose in the life circle, and they are all necessary. Are we supposed to just let this destruction happen? Or perhaps just do our part and not mind about others? Why is it so hard to influence others positively and so easy to influence them negatively?

What matters the most is to seriously lower our stress levels. Frustrating generates stress, worrying too. That’s why when I feel like today, I remember about how bad cortisol can be. I take my time to withdraw from reality and take self care, breath and meditate. Because even if we want to provide solutions, doing so stressed is not one.


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