Insecurity beats passion

It’s common that one refrains from following one’s passion as soon as insecurity is felt.

Let’s be honest, only the ones who have ‘made it’ are those preaching about finding a passion and pursuing it. The more ‘realistic’ ones who ‘haven’t made it’ are those advising on finding a stable source of income or profession and leave passion for fictional books and movies.

Truth is that neither is absolutely right. Living without passion steals life away, and being completely unrealistic leads to depression when expectations are not met.

It is insecurity what stops the action. Sad part is that insecurity is something ABSOLUTELY underestimated. It’s not as if people just choose to be insecure. Unfortunately there’s no awareness about this topic.

Self love and encouragement do help. But when society is trying to ‘cookie cut’ individuals into a pattern is hard for many to be themselves in front of everyone. Because rejection and bullying is so painful and intense. Then pretending to be someone else starts happening, but when the bubble finally bursts it comes as a shock.

How easier life will be if everyone lets others live. Respecting.

Truth is that the first place where one has to feel secure about oneself starts in self care. Stress management tools like breathing techniques, meditation, journaling. Allowing the yoga mat to become a healing and growing space, learning to practice and release. Being conscious about food, eating habits and learning to cook. Properly cleaning and nourishing our skin, teeth and bodies. Becoming healthy and staying healthy.

That, and living in the present moment. Being conscious and grateful.

Perhaps insecurity remains there and a passion may end up not being pursued. But what matters the most in life is being taken care of, and life will unfold the rest as we live it.


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