How long can a seed take to sprout?

Gardening, growing food, herbs, flowers and plants is a nourishing experience in itself. It also is very magical to soak and sprout beans. The process of transformation from a dry bean into a live being is always miraculous to me.

However, to eventually be a good gardener/grower requires constancy, attention, patience, love. Understanding that not all seeds will sprout, that some small plants won’t make it. Forgiving mistakes and moving on, always committing to work with the earth over and over. So many rely nowadays in “easy” ways to do gardening with pesticides, fertilizers and all sort of “magical” substances. Truth is, you reap what you sow, so that unfair use of substances will eventually get them back. Not my call.

The question, though, is how long each seed takes to sprout? Can we be compared to seeds and their sprouting process? What if we knew that the amount of time our seeds take to sprout are different than anybody else’s?

Yoga is a very wide discipline, yet such a huge amount of people think of it as a physical practice. Indeed, this is a part of it yet not all of it. Living life itself can be a yoga practice. Cultivating new habits just like growing a plant, a garden or food. The intention is what matters. And it’s ok if that intention is kept within, there’s not need to share it until one is ready. Even it’s ok if not shared at all.

I recall yoga because it’s so easy to compare with others’ physical practice of whatever they share. I’ve been there many times. But same applies to whatever we compare ourselves with others. Each person is the only one walking their own path.

What if we knew that our seeds had a specific time of sprouting (days, or months, or years)? Would we be happier? Could we enjoy the present moment and live life? Or would we be obsessed about it? Will this help to stop comparing ourselves and having a negative self talk?

Truth is, we don’t know. But we can trust that if we are where we stand today is because there is a reason that eventually will be known if we live mindfully and consciously.

We are living a human experience, and we must come to understand that it’s ok whatever we have thought or even said. Here’s a beautiful Yogi Bhajan prayer about forgiveness:

I forgive myself for any words or thoughts I have made about myself which were unkind
& I release any emotional attachment to the unkind words others have said to me.
I forgive myself for anything that needs to be forgiven.

And maybe, it is forgiving what will make those seeds sprout 🙂


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