I love you

Changing perspective through love. Feeling the wholeness of love in every cell in our bodies.

When there are so many things, people, circumstances, societies and actions to blame; holding on to consequential pain hurts us the most. It builds up frustration, bitterness, anger.

Shifting from pain into love is almost like an act of freedom. Because we set ourselves free from the pain, we stop feeling like victims, we empower ourselves.

Saying “I love you“, perhaps not out loud but within, to every opinion and words that have caused any sort of pain. Saying “I love you” to those who let us down and hurt us. Saying “I love you” to every circumstance where we feel we failed or made a bad choice. It all ends up filling us with something more divine and powerful than any other.

Because everything, wether good or bad, that has affected our lives must be loved. We are who we are today because of that. And we are the first ones to love: we start by loving ourselves. And so we embrace and forgive ourselves through love. If we love who we are, then we love where we are at. Then we trust ourselves. Then we listen to our hearts. Then we become more confident. Then we are less afraid of acting. Then we learn to listen to others’ opinions and stop taking it personal, we filter the relevant part of the critic and toss the rest. Then we learn to respect and be compassionate. Then we become humble. Always moving forward.

If we grow so much out of every experience and people who have been part of our lives, how can’t we love all of it? I understand the difficulty of maybe manifesting it, but the beauty of love is that we can just feel it and express it within. It will radiate and shine.

So just feel it and manifest it within: “I LOVE YOU“. Thank you.DSC_0051


One comment

  1. Maribel Alvarez · March 1, 2018

    I love you too

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