Creating something new

I’ve been thinking on how to cook a version of custard that I could actually eat without regrets. The main ingredient of custard is dairy, and I can’t eat it because it causes an allergic reaction. I turn red and my skin gets inflamed. Besides, I must admit that I prefer vegan dishes. Even though this one needs an egg yolk, which I still kept as part of the recipe because it’s the only way I know how to keep the “custard” consistency.

Last month I got the family recipe for a (dairy) custard, and I cooked it and tasted really good. But then my allergic reactions started to bother… So I’ve been contemplating how to do it with an alternative that is as natural as cows milk with the required fat it needs.

Finally, it came to me: coconut milk! The best way of making coconut milk is with the real coconut, but when that’s not available then second best is going for a good brand of coconut cream. Such coconut cream can then be diluted with water and it becomes coconut milk. Always make sure the can is safe, meaning a bpa free and toxins free liner inside.

This is the final result:

Coconut Custard

I’ll be sharing the recipe after I actually try it and make sure this “creation” is a keeper. Maybe I have to do some tweaks or so.



  1. Maribel Alvarez · March 2, 2018

    Se ve divino!

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