Yoga Gem of the day

“To  practice Yoga, we must become craftsmen and -women of great skill and sensitivity. We master the art of Yoga as we gain self-knowledge and the capacity for self-transcendence. Searching deep into our mind and heart, we learn to exceed our ordinary boundaries and discover that we are immeasurably vast, surpassing even Nature itself. We realize that Nature, grand and fascinating as it is, is only a temporary aspect of the ultimate One, which transcends space and time.

Yoga provides convincing answers to the Big Questions- Who am I? What must I do? What is the purpose of life? and so on. Basically, the human enterprise can be looked at as a diversified quest for happiness. We all think of happiness, but frequently or perhaps even typically we look for it in the wrong places. We settle for temporary pleasures (“fun”), not understanding that pleasure is the obverse side of pain. Our lives thus are often characterized not by happiness (ananda) but by suffering(duhkha). Yoga digs deep into the reasons for this failure to tap into lasting happiness and shows us how to change our self-sabotaging behavior. It all begins and ends with the complex human mind, which is governed by ignorance and any number of negative emotions. Yoga not only points the way out of the maze our mind tends to create but provides concrete practical means for doing so.

Georg Feuerstein



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