Blooming spring

Photo credits: Fabi Acosta

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, March 21 marks the spring equinox and the official beginning of spring.

At last, the cold, wet and dark days are in the past. But without them, things wouldn’t be as beautiful as they now are.

Every season has a reason.

Also our lives, our thoughts and relationships have seasons. So why stress so much about it?

Letting things be, allowing nature and time to be.

Just like breathing, we must allow the flow in and out. Or else we may stagnate the energy.

There are plenty of things that I can write about doing during spring. There’s cleaning. There’s detoxifying. There’s vision boards. There’s -yet more- resolutions about going outdoors, or becoming more active, or getting physically ready for the summer. And the list can go on and on…

But what about just flowing with our current life as it is? Every year has a spring. Can we all stop wanting to do something different or new and instead focus on loving what we are?

Can we, just for one spring, allow ourselves to be and live consciously happy? Just by embracing who we are!

Letting our life and creativity flow. Trusting. Living. Loving.

Allowing our true self to bloom naturally, just like the flowers in today’s picture. From a bare tree, suddenly, all the flowers bloom. Just like that.

We are part of nature. Let it bloom!


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