Trusting the power of meditation

Just because it feels “odd” or the mind wanders around is not a proper excuse to say no to meditation.

What if meditation was advertised on YouTube like medicine, a product or a website? Would people then practice it?

I’m not going to quote today what has been researched, written or experienced about the benefits of meditation. But when I say that it is a good thing, I’m not just saying it because I think so. I know so. I have read, learned and practiced it.

Trusting the power of meditation is the best thing anyone can do for the benefit of their life. The mind, the soul, the spirit. It heals! And it does require practice and patience. Just like learning anything else.

Meditation is not about how one feels while meditating, but instead of all the benefits of meditating by itself. Habitually practicing it.

It’s the opportunity to disengage from the outer world and really connect to the inner self.

It’s a gift!

And it’s a practice that can be done until very old ages, and started at very early ages. It has no  limits!


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