Come as you are

I once got a fortune cookie that said: “show your true face to those who really matter”. It has always kept me thinking, how many masks can one have to blend in?

I believe it is better to take the masks off. If you come as you are, maybe there will be more rejection as what you’re used to when wearing masks. But you will be wearing the truth, being the true you. I believe this way we can all save a lot of time, a lot of misunderstandings and a lot of disappointments. If you show to others what you really are, there is less chance to later on end a relationship or fighting due to disappointing someone. If others know who you are, it’s their choice to stick around or walk away. No mistery!

Wearing our truth, speaking our truth and being our true selves.

In a yogic path, during the years of practice and growth all these layers shed. The true essence starts emerging and connecting with the soul. Interests might change when the things that matter are discerned from the things that don’t. Satisfying someone else’s needs becomes irrelevant if it doesn’t feel well. Some relationships end, because the bond that kept them together became weak. But the connection with the supreme, with the soul and with the spirit grows stronger.

And suddenly, we start to understand the prayer: “From the unreal guide me to the real. From darkness guide me to the light. From death guide me to eternal life.”


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