Rome wasn’t built in one day – Appreciating efforts more than results

Are achievements more important than anything else? Are we supposed to regret, feel sorry, ashamed and make excuses about not achieving or finishing something?


I’ve been having these glimpses of “shame” about not being able to focus and write any posts for like a month. And every single time I went through a different kind of inner trip. How can I place so much attention and energy into something I’m just NOT able to do – regardless of the why’s.

This is what I reached as a conclusion:

Life unfolds as it does, naturally. Our days go by just the way they were supposed to. By the end of each day the best thing to do is just be grateful about living it and the experiences – regardless if it was being ‘very busy doing whatever’ or ‘just being lazy’.

Each experience brings a new lesson. Trying is always better because it implies an effort to move ahead from inaction. Achieving is something external. Why? Because it can be evident to others besides oneself. I’m not saying that achieving is wrong. But I want to focus on the efforts and what HAS BEEN DONE instead of all that lacks in order to reach the ‘achieving’ goal.

Has anyone felt the sensation of working so hard for a goal, being unstoppable, until it’s finally achieved and it feels sort of empty? Doesn’t it feels as if there was all this landscape of experiences that were missed just for rushing towards achieving? This might be because the focus was on the result, and not in appreciating every small step and living in the present moment.

I mean, no one should be blamed (by oneself or others) for trying and stopping. Because we are meant to go through a unique learning curve that cannot be compared with anyone else’s. If there is blame, then comes that thought ‘I should just give up and not try again, I suck at this, I’m such a quitter’. And it’s not like that AT ALL.

When I say that Rome wasn’t built in one day, I mean it! Does anyone think that all those wondrous edifications were designed at the same time by an ‘achiever’? All of it is a compilation of creations from different people during different CENTURIES! And there were lots of efforts of trying things that were not ever finished, and then someone took over later on and created something new and different out of it.

Bottom line is that attachments to results are like an enemy to the creative mind. And we all have a creative mind – whether we like it or not. Focus on doing and keep trying. Emancipating from the bondages of the outer world and its expected results. Doing it for oneself for the sake of creation!

And, I can’t finish this post without sharing a teaching about this topic related to Yoga. It’s based on a quote of a medieval Sanskrit text called the Amrita Bindu Upanishad it says:
The mind alone is the cause of bondage and liberation for human beings. Attached to things, it leads to bondage. Emptied of things, it is deemed to lead to liberation

I relate the bondage not only to material things, but also to states of the mind like fear, anger, jealousy, lust, competitiveness, judgements, insecurities and FOCUSING ON THE FINAL OUTCOME OF OUR ACTIONS. These desires limit our experience of life itself and leave us empty and spiritually ignorant.

BUT, if one starts focusing more on acting unattached to expecting an outcome – and instead allow that internal fire (called agni) to motivate and guide our actions – there is a liberation from that bondage.

This might not make a whole lot of sense at first. But by opening to the union / yoga in life and practicing awareness and compassion, a lot of answers come in different ways. Like this post about trying and NEVER EVER GIVING UP. Because, even if you have stopped for the longest time to do something, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START OVER FROM SCRATCH AGAIN. Cheer up, when there is a will there will always be a way.



One comment

  1. Maribel alvarez · April 28

    Soooo true! When it is a will, it is aeay..

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