My name is Fabiana Hernández. I’m a Hot Yoga Teacher certified by the Bikram Yoga College of India. I earned my degree in June 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Bikram Yoga changed my life in so many different levels, that I decided to give up my life as a Lawyer with a Law degree, and Liberal Studies degree from Venezuela and a Masters in Law degree from Georgetown University. I chose to teach Yoga in order to help others benefit as well, so they can start loving themselves and understanding the healing and transforming power that yoga can have in their lives if they give it a chance.

I am now settling back in Miami, FL, USA after a Journey as a traveling yoga teacher around the world, which I hope to do again sometime in 2015. I already have taught in Madrid, Spain; Cambridge, UK; Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia.

This blog shares what I’ve learned. My thoughts, my food habits, nutrition advise, yoga information. My purpose is to inspire others to choose become a better version of themselves. My first posts are in Spanish, as it is my mother tongue and I wanted to reach the latin community. However, I have met so many fabulous persons through my journey who don’t speak Spanish and I would love them to read and understand what I’d like to share.


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